Walking in the Snow

0326IMG_0312 After staying in town yesterday we were ready to hit the trail again, but the weather is not really cooperating. It has been snowing lightly in town for most of the last 24 hours, but the forecast said it was supposed to clear up by the end of today so we got a shuttle to the trail head this morning, knowing that there was snow build up in the mountains. We got a few miles before the snow got deeper than we expected. It started soaking our boots, and we started wondering whether we wanted to deal with frozen boots in the morning. Wet feet, even in the snow, is manageable as long as we keep moving, but if it is below freezing we risk having solid boots when we wake up in the morning.
hiccup in the snow


After hiking a total of 5.9 miles we arrived at Wayah Gap and decided it wasn’t worth the risk of finishing our hike for the day and finding a sheltered place to camp for the night. Instead we decided to find a way back into town and the warmth of a hotel room. Thankfully, we met a family who had been sledding nearby the road crossing who were willing to give us a ride back to town. Back at the hotel we are warming up and getting ready to head out tomorrow when a thaw is in the forecast.

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