An Unexpected Meeting

Thankful for a beautiful day with no heavy rain!

Had a good hike today. The sunny blustery weather made for really enjoyable hiking. It is lovely to not be totally soaked!

That being said we tend to hike slower on nice days, and ended up not arriving at camp until nearly 7pm, which generally makes me a bit grumpy because we have to hurry to get everything set up, and dinner eaten before dark, but instead there was a lovely surprise waiting for us.

our friend Whiteout

When we walked into the campsite there was one person sitting there making dinner over a small fire, and it was Whiteout! We’ve been regularly leap frogging with Whiteout since we met in Shenandoah National Park, but we hadn’t seen him since he got ahead of us a few weeks ago. As close as we are to the end we figured there was no way we’d catch up with him again before the end, so it was quite delightful to see him!

We still hurried to make camp, but it was made much more fun because we were catching up with Whiteout the whole time. It did mean we stayed up way later than we should have talking. Oops!

a footbridge

There haven’t been all that many bridges over rivers in Maine, and we decided if this is how they do bridges we are glad!

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