Tough Decisions, Day 1

Grey skies in VT

We spent a good part of the day talking through what we have been thinking and feeling recently as we hiked. It was good to get things out in the open, but it was also really hard because it is pretty clear we are coming to a crux in our journey and we are going to have to make a decision about what to do. We both agreed that what we really need is a break, not just a one or two day break, but like a solid week or two of rest. Continue reading

The No Good, Very Bad Day

vermont stream

Today was probably the worst day I have had in a very long time. We woke up late, and were both extremely tired from the day before, and then the entire day proceeded to take twice as long as it should. Slogging through the mud from last night’s rain slowed things down immensely, as well as a several mile trail redirection because of some washed out bridges, which ended in a stream to ford. Continue reading

I wonder if there is more to Vermont than mud?

VT state line far

After pushing a long day yesterday and crossing into Vermont, we were very much looking forward to meeting up with my family for a long holiday weekend over the 4th. The last couple of days have left us even more exhausted than normal as we tried to push to meet up with my family at our pre-appointed location. In the end we managed to figure out another spot a little farther south to meet them so we didn’t have to go quite so far today and the next. I was looking forward to Vermont, but so far the trail has mostly been characterized by lots of tree roots and copious quantities of mud. Continue reading