Our First 30+ Day


Forge at an overlook

Decided to make up a bit of ground we had lost with all this heat and try for a thirty mile day. We camped about 5 miles outside of Boiling Springs and hiked through town to pick up our mail drop so we would have food for dinner in case we didn’t make it all the way to Duncannon the way we were planning. Continue reading

A Lesson About Buffets

heart rock

We headed into Pearisburg for a resupply and planned to take a half day rest before heading out the next day. As we walked towards the town, Christy was limping a little because her foot had started acting up earlier that afternoon. We knew that town was close (about a mile), so we didn’t even have our thumbs out to hitch a ride in (the road was pretty low traffic anyhow), but as we were walking down the hill, a red pickup drove by, then backed up and offered us a ride into town. They were nice enough to drive us to the hotel and saved Christy a lot of limping! Continue reading

Pizza Delivered to the Trail

new shoes

We debated whether to go all the way to the Partnership shelter or camp a few miles before, but we knew that not far from the Partnership shelter (a large, 2 story shelter with a nice porch area and, in a year warmer than this one, solar heated showers) was a Park Visitor Center, where they had a land line phone for hikers to use – often to order pizza! Continue reading