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Walking from Mt Washington

After two days of wonderful rest at my folks house, my mom was kind enough to take us back up Mount Washington and leave us at the summit. We greatly appreciated not having to do that climb again with well loaded packs! It was breezy at the summit, but so completely different from the hurricane force winds we dealt with when we were last there, that things felt incredibly calm.
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Mount Washington

Sunset at Lake of the Clouds

we got a late start on the Presidential Range leading up to Mount Washington, the second highest peak on the trail, and our last mountain over 6,000 feet. Considering our late start, and tired legs we decided to take it easy and try to work for stay at Lake of the Clouds Hut about a mile and a half before the Mount Washington summit. Continue reading

AMC Huts on the Appalachian Trail

Mountains just after sunrise

Got on the trail by about 6:30 this morning, and stopped by a wonderful spring about a mile into our adventure. Nothing quite like a whole bunch of clear, cold, thirst quenching water to start the day off right! We hopped over boulders for five or six more miles, and arrived at Galehead Hut about 10:30am. Continue reading

Four Months On the Appalachian Trail!

Hiccup and Forge

It was four months ago today that we started in Springer Mountain in Georgia, when I hardly dared to believe that someday we would be standing in New Hampshire. It has been a long and arduous path so far, and we still have a long way to go. After leaving Hanover yesterday we have definitely noticed the mountains getting taller, and we are headed for New Hampshire’s famous White Mountains in the next couple of days. Continue reading