Rangely, ME


Rangely was a stop we hadn’t intended to take. We were well on our way to making our goal mileage for the night, when it decided to downpour for about 3 hours. We’ve recently been leap-frogging a lot with a guy named Hooker, but we lost him today when he stopped to take shelter under the tarp of a summer camp group when it started to rain hard. Continue reading

The last few days in a nutshell

Climbing down the other side.

Terrain has been a bit kinder the last couple of days, though we are still climbing mountains. We had another morning of some incredibly views from Bald Pate Mountain where we climbed a huge expanse of exposed rock face up to the summit. Tremendous 360 degree views that would have been completely clouded in if we had gotten there a few hours earlier. Continue reading

The toughest mile on the trail!

Mahousic Arm

The Mahousic Notch

We knew we what was coming today, we’ve been thinking about it for ages, and it finally arrived. The Mahousic Notch is infamous, and called by thru-hikers “The Toughest Mile on the Trail”. On our elevation profile it looked pretty simply, a gently rolling downhill before a steep climb. Continue reading