Upper Goose Pond and Dalton, MA

Sunny day in MA

Woke up at the retreat center this morning incredibly glad to be bug free, but we knew it couldn’t last. So we headed out the door and back to the trail. The day surprised us though. The storms that came through last night must have brought some different weather with them because today was all sun and a hearty breeze. The timing couldn’t have been better either as we spent about a quarter of today walking on log bridges in swampy areas. The sunny weather had me in a wonderful mood, but I couldn’t help cringing at the idea of what walking through those bogs would have been like in the hot stagnant air that so often sits over Massachusetts in the summer. It was wonderful to actually enjoy the mountains today. When the weather is sunny and breezy like it was today I just can’t think of a better place to be. Continue reading

Our First 30+ Day


Forge at an overlook

Decided to make up a bit of ground we had lost with all this heat and try for a thirty mile day. We camped about 5 miles outside of Boiling Springs and hiked through town to pick up our mail drop so we would have food for dinner in case we didn’t make it all the way to Duncannon the way we were planning. Continue reading

Dragons Teeth, Four Pines Hostel, and The Home Place

Climbing down from Dragons Tooth

Got an early start and did our best to do a 17 mile hike very quickly. If we didn’t make it to the Four Pines Hostel in Catawba by 3:30pm it was pretty unlikely we would be able to get a ride to the Post Office before it closed. Then we would be stuck with a convenience store resupply or have to wait until after the weekend for the Post Office to be open again. As things turned out we actually made pretty good time, until we got to Dragons Tooth. We had decided to take the short side trail to see the “teeth” as this rock formation is called. It is two large rocks that protrude vertically from the ridge, and do look quite like a couple of large teeth. Continue reading

Blueberry Patch Hostel and Hiawasee, GA

J at Blueberry Patch

We had a slow start, but still managed to make it to the Blueberry Patch Hostel by about 11am and got there just in time to get the last two spots. The Poteats are a wonderful couple that run a donation based hiker hostel near Hiawasee, GA. They accept mail drops for hikers, provide a place to shower and relax, and even took care of our smelly hiker laundry. We greatly appreciated their wonderful hospitality, especially after a couple of cold damp days in the woods. Continue reading