Blueberry Patch Hostel and Hiawasee, GA

J at Blueberry Patch

We had a slow start, but still managed to make it to the Blueberry Patch Hostel by about 11am and got there just in time to get the last two spots. The Poteats are a wonderful couple that run a donation based hiker hostel near Hiawasee, GA. They accept mail drops for hikers, provide a place to shower and relax, and even took care of our smelly hiker laundry. We greatly appreciated their wonderful hospitality, especially after a couple of cold damp days in the woods. Continue reading

Knee braces and thunderstorms

Neels Gap sign

We got a late start leaving Neels Gap in the morning, after picking up a few more things from the Outfitter there, and having some frustrating adventures with our modified cooking setup (I’ll get around to taking a photo of it eventually) which is both lighter weight and smaller, we set out much later than we had intended. Also, Jonathan’s knee has started bothering him, so we weren’t sure how we were going to make the 12+ miles we intended to do. Continue reading

Climbing Over Blood Mountain


Blood Mountain Shelter

The weather turned gorgeous this morning and provided us with such warm breezy weather that I got my first sun burn of the year far earlier than normal. We only ended up hiking about 8 miles today, but it included some spectacular views. We also needed to clear this particular part of the trail by the end of the day because camping in this section requires a bear canister. The bears have been particularly active and they are trying to protect both bears and campers by requiring canisters. As this is the only stretch of the trail that requires them, we thought it best just to pass on through rather than carry the weight. Continue reading

Our First Mail Drop!

Hiking on the AT

Today we went into town to pick up our first package of food of many. We are mainly resupplying our food via packages mailed to Post Offices near the trail. I mailed the first few before we left, and we are realizing that I majorly over packed on food. Between Jonathan being sick and our metabolisms taking time to ramp up into high gear we just haven’t gone through anywhere near as many snacks as we expected. There are worse problems than too much food, but it sure is heavy! Continue reading