The Grayson Highlands


white mountain

While we have yet to see any bear, we knew our chances to see our largest wildlife yet would be pretty good just a couple days out of Damascus as we hit Grayson Highlands State Park. The park is open meadow and rolling hills with herds of wild ponies that roam the area. We were headed to a shelter for lunch when we passed over a hill and saw a pony walking slowly towards us along the trail, eating the tall grass beside the path. We were careful to be quiet and not disturb it as we took out our camera to take pictures before moving on to the shelter. The pony showed little interest in us and even less fear at our presence, but we didn’t know how little fear the ponies had of people until later that day. Continue reading

A Marathon to Damascus

tennessee virginia state line

There is nothing like bad weather to motivate a hiker, as we found out. As we were planning our stops to get in to Damascus, we realized that it was a Saturday when we would arrive in Damascus, and the Post Office there would only be open until 11:00. This meant that in order to get there before it closed, we would have to get pretty close to Damascus the night before and meaning that with some minor delays we’d had, we’d have to do 27 miles the last day, much longer than we’d done before. Continue reading