About Us

For those of you who have never heard of the Appalachian Trail and only nodded politely when we told you that we have decided to undertake walking 2,185 miles in the woods from northern Georgia to central Maine. Here is a bit of an overview (for more detailed and accurate information visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s website):

The Appalachian Trail is over 2,000 miles long path that extends from Georgia to Maine via a conglomerated network of National Parks, State Parks, and private and public lands. It is cared for primarily by thousands of volunteers each year, and keeps a potential wilderness experience almost in the backyards nearly a quarter of the US.

All of that is really quite impressive and amazing and wonderful, and none of it requires our walking on it to take place, but here is the thing. Walking the Appalachian Trail is an experience that will challenge and transform us. It is a chance to knowingly put ourselves out side of our comfort zones and watch as God picks up the pieces and cares for us in instability and triumph. It is a chance to experience something together that we have both dreamt about doing, but I’m not sure every really thought we would do. It is a moment to really step away and see things differently. And mostly, it is adventure! Adventures are scary because you find out what you are made of, and they are wonderful for the very same reason!


For those of you who think this “About Page” has in some ways said very little about who we actually are, then here is a brief description in a nutshell: We are a couple of suburban raised inventor/artist/designer/researchers with interests in a wide variety of things from Jesus to justice to wood grain, who have turned our lives upside down to spend 5 months in the woods together traveling by foot and learning.

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