Rangely, ME

Rangely was a stop we hadn’t intended to take. We were well on our way to making our goal mileage for the night, when it decided to downpour for about 3 hours. We’ve recently been leap-frogging a lot with a guy named Hooker, but we lost him today when he stopped to take shelter under the tarp of a summer camp group when it started to rain hard.

It went from a beautiful sunny day to another slopping through puddles up to our ankles day in a matter of a couple of hours. Just about the time it started raining Forge tripped on an exposed root that caught his shoe and tore a huge hole in the upper. So while I was unhappily slogging through muddy water, Forge was doing the same thing while collecting all kinds of debris from the water inside his shoe. So when we crossed the road about a mile before the shelter we were headed to we decided the chance to get dry and do some shoe repairs was impossible to pass up.

The next day Saddleback Mountain awaited:

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