Monson, ME

Made it over two small mountains and about 36 miles in the last two days to get to Monson, ME. We have been talking about Monson for weeks now! We had been planning a rest day in Monson, and we have been looking forward to it! In the end though we decided to make it into Monson as early as possible to give ourselves an afternoon to rest and then get on the trail around mid day tomorrow. It is easy to say we will make it in as early as possible, and it is an entirely different thing to make good on our goal. As it was we made it into town by about 2:30pm which gave us plenty of time to rest and take care of a few errands.

This is our last town stop. All that is left between us and the end is the “Hundred Mile Wilderness” which is in fact about 115 miles, and has several access roads and a slightly remote resupply point, but its title remains, and it is a daunting hike for many hikers. We have been talking about this last bit of the trail since the beginning, and it is incredible to be at the edge!

Hiccup crossing a river

Hiccup crossing one of several small rivers we have crossed recently.

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