Hiking into Gorham

For real this time!

Yesterday we got a shuttle out of Gorham from the hotel owner, got back on the trail, and took on the Wildcats. The Wildcat Mountain range is a series of five mountains that involve quite a bit of intense rock climbing and descending, and as somehow is always the case when we do intense rock climbing, it rained all day. We gave into it being a day without views or dry clothing and just hiked, but it still felt like we were making any progress. The summits of the mountains weren’t labeled as they often are and we had a lot of trouble telling how far we had gone. In the end we hiked until about 5 pm at which point we couldn’t stand it anymore. We weren’t making it to the shelter, so we camped at the first available spot we could find, and hurried into our sleeping bags as quickly as possible to get warm and dry.

We woke up to the sun above the clouds that blanketed the valley like snow. It was a pretty incredible sight that sadly didn’t last long enough for me to get a photo. So instead we broke camp and got hiking. We were really hoping to get into Gorham in time to rest for a good chunk of the afternoon. The last couple of days really wore us out!

A pleasant surprise

At the intersection of the trail and the road into Gorham we met a couple who were vaguely familiar looking. We were enjoying the cooler of trail magic they had left out, and talking with them when we found out they were the parents of Miles-to-go, someone we hiked with in the Smokies, and hadn’t seen since. They gave us a ride into town, and the cheerful thought that we’d probably run into Miles-to-go and his hiking partner Flash the next day as we entered into Maine. We hadn’t seen them for over a thousand miles!

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