The Last Mountain!

We Finally Made it!

We convinced my brother to hike to the top with us, and had a great time climbing together. It turned out to be an incredibly gorgeous Sunday, so we had lots of day hikers to contend with, but it didn’t matter. We finished!

Five months, and 2,186 miles.

6 thoughts on “The Last Mountain!

  1. Congratulations for finishing!!! I have really enjoyed following you both via the blog on your journey. If you have time the next time you’re in St. Louis, I would love to hear more and especially how God spoke to you through your time on the trail!

  2. We enjoyed your postings about the trail. Don’t know how you did all the rain and mud though! You two must be in the best shape of your lives now. I would think you must still be hiking in your dreams. Have a great holiday season as you get back into regular life which must be a bit dull compared to all the adventure of the trail!

  3. Congrats on finishing your hike. My son and I were out for the weekend and stayed next to you at Gooch back in March. As you hitched to town at Woody Gap, we pressed on to Neel Gap and back to the house, but I’ve been reading your updates since then. Congrats to both of you on finishing the adventure.

  4. Thank you! Sorry it took us so long to finish writing about it. Hiking sort of took over for last couple months! And well, you know how getting things done in normal life can be. =)

  5. Hi guys, Congrats on finishing your epic adventure. We are just weeks away from our 3rd annual Trail magic trip, cant wait to meet the class of 2014. We met at Newfound Gap last year and are still finding hikers from then. The vacation that lasts all year long. Beth and Bernie Briden.

  6. Thanks guys! We appreciated your help at Newfound Gap and in Gatlinburg, and are glad that you are going to bless the class of 2014 as well!

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