The End is in Sight!

We hiked what felt like a very long day today, though it was only about 19 miles. We have officially cleared our last real mountains before Mt. Katahdin! We had heard you can see Katahdin from the top of Chairback Mountain on clear days, so we were keeping an eye out. We rounded a bend in the trail, and there it was!

We saw Katahdin!!!!

It is hard to explain how crazy that is to someone who hasn’t been working for months for the chance to reach that mountain, but it was amazing. I’m not sure I’ve ever been stunned and smiling at the same time before, but I was then. Lots of mixed emotions about finishing, but also lots of excitement.

Today was also the first time on our entire trip that we both ran out of food at the same time. It has happened before and we shared with each other, but in squeezing an extra day of food into our packs leaving Monson we had underestimated how many snacks we needed for the long days we intended in the hundred mile wilderness. I hiked hungry for about two hours up and down two peaks, waiting for the last one to eat my snickers bar. My body did not appreciate me pushing forward and I started getting dizzy. I did finally eat my Snickers at our last summit, but it did little to fill my empty limbs with energy. Forge and I sat down to go over our food situation and decided that with the time we were making we could safely split up our last day of snacks since that would likely be an easy day and we’d be meeting my parents at the base of Mt Katahdin. That seriously helped our snack rations for the afternoon and next two days. It felt like such a blessing to have more than a couple of cookies and a granola bar to eat that afternoon. With dinner still about five hours away I had been dreading the emptiness in my stomach until then. Boy is it hard to climb mountains with no food inside you!

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