Through Delaware Water Gap and Into New Jersey!

NJ overlook

The trail goes through the edge of town and we arrived around mid morning hoping for a nice second breakfast at the farm stand, or perhaps at the restaurant we were approaching that advertised a deal for milk shakes and $2 hot dogs. A hikers dream! As we approached the store we were dismayed to find that the one day a week they happened to be closed was Tuesday! Continue reading

501 Shelter

henry knauber

We cut our day a little short because we reached the 501 shelter just as it started to rain. It turned out that this particular shelter was a great place to be in bad weather. Unlike most shelters on the AT, which are three walled lean-to’s, this one had four walls, a roof with a skylight, and two shelter cats to keep the mice at bay. Continue reading

Starting June by taking a break

Sunset Lake

Took an easy day out of Duncannon and met up with Forge’s folks at a road crossing about 9 miles down the trail. It was another hot day, but we were surprised at the amount of energy we still had after such a long day before. I guess our bodies are getting used to this long hiking idea. We aren’t planning any back to back 30 mile days any time soon!
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Our First 30+ Day


Forge at an overlook

Decided to make up a bit of ground we had lost with all this heat and try for a thirty mile day. We camped about 5 miles outside of Boiling Springs and hiked through town to pick up our mail drop so we would have food for dinner in case we didn’t make it all the way to Duncannon the way we were planning. Continue reading

The Countdown Begins!

At the Half Way Sign

We passed the midpoint of the trail towards the end of the day on the 29th, but were confused because there was no marker like we had expected from the guidebook. When we got into camp that night, we talked with some other hikers who were similarly confused, until a southbounder came in and reported that just a half mile past the shelter was where the halfway marker was located. We had some good photo opportunities the next morning, they even had a post across from the marker so that we could set our camera there and take a photo of both of us! Continue reading