A Day Of Delicious Interruptions

Ladder on the AT

We did manage to make the miles we had hoped to this morning, but it was a day of many delicious interruptions. Through Lost-and-Found we heard about a farm stand about a hundred yards off the trail at one of the road crossings for the day. It doesn’t take much convincing to get Forge to walk an extra hundred yards if there is the chance of baked goods at the other end, so we decided to head over for a mid-morning snack. It turned into a much longer break than we had planned, but it was a nice chance to let our wet shoes and socks dry in the hot sun while we enjoyed a huge blueberry Danish and fresh peaches. Continue reading

Through Delaware Water Gap and Into New Jersey!

NJ overlook

The trail goes through the edge of town and we arrived around mid morning hoping for a nice second breakfast at the farm stand, or perhaps at the restaurant we were approaching that advertised a deal for milk shakes and $2 hot dogs. A hikers dream! As we approached the store we were dismayed to find that the one day a week they happened to be closed was Tuesday! Continue reading