The Bigelows and Flagstaff Lake

Climbing the Bigelows

Today was an incredible day to hike over a set of mountains called the Bigelows. It is another stretch of trail that follows an exposed ridge and has absolutely incredible views in good weather. We may have had a lot of rain, but I must say we have been blessed with good crossings on most of these exposed trail sections. All I can say is that the views take your breath away!

Speeding past Flagstaff Lake

We had  a blast hiking with Whiteout today, but it meant we didn’t make very good time because we were having too much fun talking and he was planning a much shorter day than we were. So we left him at a shelter around 4pm with about 8 miles left to go wondering if we were nuts to try and make that whole distance before it got super late, but there were a few places to camp along the way if we really needed to, including a spot my family went on a very memorable camping trip when I was a kid! As it turned out the terrain was incredible, and we were motivated because we were pretty much out of water, and we ended up making those 8 miles in about 3 hours, which is pretty speedy for us at the end of the day. The lake we camped by was incredible. It made me want to find a good book and lounge for the next few days, but instead I filled up our water and just enjoyed soaking my tired feet.

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