The last few days in a nutshell

bald pate

That’s Miles-to-go and Flash in the foreground, and Bald Pate in the background.

Terrain has been a bit kinder the last couple of days, though we are still climbing mountains. We had another morning of some incredibly views from Bald Pate Mountain where we climbed a huge expanse of exposed rock face up to the summit. Tremendous 360 degree views that would have been completely clouded in if we had gotten there a few hours earlier.

Made it into Andover, ME for a quick rest and resupply. Were glad to find the local restaurant running a pizza buffet, so we pigged out on some seriously delicious pizza. Would have loved to stay another day, but we are closing in on finishing so we just need to keep moving!

Did two extra miles today because our map was incorrect about the location of the shelter. I was glad that the map was wrong and not that our legs had somehow gotten very slow. Still it meant getting into camp later than we wanted, so tonight is going to be another short night, but the days of long hikes on top of a short nights rest are soon coming to a close.

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