A Canoe Ferry

2000 miles

Despite the rain all morning we made it to the canoe ferry across the Kennebec River on time. Instead of building a bridge the ATC employs a local outfitter to provide a ferry for a few hours every day during the main hiking season to help people cross the Kennebec. It is a large enough river that I’m not sure how you would cross otherwise. Swimming with a fully pack is a poor decision! Continue reading

The Bigelows and Flagstaff Lake

Forge and Whiteout enjoying the view

Today was an incredible day to hike over a set of mountains called the Bigelows. It is another stretch of trail that follows an exposed ridge and has absolutely incredible views in good weather. We may have had a lot of rain, but I must say we have been blessed with good crossings on most of these exposed trail sections. All I can say is that the views take your breath away! Continue reading

An Unexpected Meeting

plaque celebrating maine ccc

Had a good hike today. The sunny blustery weather made for really enjoyable hiking. It is lovely to not be totally soaked! That being said we tend to hike slower on nice days, and ended up not arriving at camp until nearly 7pm, which generally makes me a bit grumpy because we have to hurry to get everything set up, and dinner eaten before dark, but instead there was a lovely surprise waiting for us. Continue reading

Rangely, ME


Rangely was a stop we hadn’t intended to take. We were well on our way to making our goal mileage for the night, when it decided to downpour for about 3 hours. We’ve recently been leap-frogging a lot with a guy named Hooker, but we lost him today when he stopped to take shelter under the tarp of a summer camp group when it started to rain hard. Continue reading

The last few days in a nutshell

Climbing down the other side.

Terrain has been a bit kinder the last couple of days, though we are still climbing mountains. We had another morning of some incredibly views from Bald Pate Mountain where we climbed a huge expanse of exposed rock face up to the summit. Tremendous 360 degree views that would have been completely clouded in if we had gotten there a few hours earlier. Continue reading