A Canoe Ferry

2000 miles

Despite the rain all morning we made it to the canoe ferry across the Kennebec River on time. Instead of building a bridge the ATC employs a local outfitter to provide a ferry for a few hours every day during the main hiking season to help people cross the Kennebec. It is a large enough river that I’m not sure how you would cross otherwise. Swimming with a fully pack is a poor decision! Continue reading

The Bigelows and Flagstaff Lake

Forge and Whiteout enjoying the view

Today was an incredible day to hike over a set of mountains called the Bigelows. It is another stretch of trail that follows an exposed ridge and has absolutely incredible views in good weather. We may have had a lot of rain, but I must say we have been blessed with good crossings on most of these exposed trail sections. All I can say is that the views take your breath away! Continue reading